8 thoughts on “Aaaand another room makes three

  1. And the GOP is going to Open Another Investigation!!!!!!!!!.

    None of our fine betters have any respect for us at all.
    And since we keep electing them and paying for their media, they could be right.

  2. If there’s any doubt this is to replace Bite me, just know that one the second batch was “discovered” by aides to him. The special counsel is actually find who will replace him on the ticket. They know Kami can’t cut it on a debate stage, so…Big Mike, pick up the white courtesy phone. 😉

    1. If I were a Republican member of Congress I’d be tempted to vote against any attempt at impeachment. The Democrats wanted him to be President so much; let them have their wish. Also if I lived in a state with open primaries…

  3. Submariner who went to prison for taking selfies onboard his sub unavailable for comment.

  4. “Big Mike, pick up the white courtesy phone. “

    Pretty Pretty Gavin says, “Not so fast there, people.”

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