With profound apologies to Rudyard Kipling, circa 1917, I offer a Tea Party poem:

—The Choice—

TO the Judge of Right and Wrong
with Whom fulfillment lies
Our purpose and our power belong,
Our faith and sacrifice.

Let Freedom`s land rejoice!
Our bonds will be riven;
Once more to us the eternal choice
Of good or ill is given.

Not at a little cost,
Hardly by prayers or tears,
Shall we recover the road we lost
In the spending and doubting years.

But after the fires and the wrath,
But after searching and pain,
Tea Party opens us a path
To live with ourselves again.

In We the People rejoice!
We see and hold the good–
Bear witness, nation, we have made our choice
For Tea Party`s brotherhood.

Then praise the American Spirit
Whose Strength hath saved us whole,
Which bade us choose that we might suffer
But not the living Soul!

Master KisPian Mr. Colonel Jerry, SIR!!!