2 thoughts on “Awfercripesakes!

  1. Consider for a moment: the amount of money ($BUNCHA BILLIONS) that will change hands this week because of all the foo-rah in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

    Football, Golf, legal sports betting. Parking spaces in downtown Phoenix going for $350 or more. Folks renting out their houses for $3000 per night. Reserved parking on driveways near the venues going for $150 per space or more. Hotdogs by assorted fancy names: $10-15.00 EACH, no fries. Standard lite beer: $15-25.00 EACH, and the idiots who pay those prices are throwing the beer at the golfers on the 16th Hole in Scottsdale. Tickets to today’s Stupor Brawl game, if you can still find any, start at about $3500 with the sky the limit for the better seats (not GOOD seats, just better than the expensive lousy seats.)

    Think about it, just who are the crooks and criminals, REALLY?

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