Sounds like an 8-yo bragging about something they just learned.
I gotta reckon she was recently given a long briefing about this,
complete with Venn diagram

8 thoughts on “Doltsplaining

  1. That’s exactly the level of intelligence required to communicate with her followers. I recently realized that everyone in Washington politics behaves like children. Standing up for principles or reasoned debate gets you nowhere because the mob of kids will drag you down to their level.

  2. Holy effing shit! #2 to the nuke codes talks worse than my poor wife, who has Alzheimer’s.
    Has she been training with Biden?

  3. Yannow, that stupid bint probably can’t spell ‘Venn’, never mind know what it is. I’ll bet she thinks her briefer has a German accent when he mentions those.

  4. Kammy should help Joe search his garage for more missing documents … with the door and windows shut … and the engine running.

  5. Those bringing President LOLEightyonemillion down *cough Obama*, obviously have a plan that doesn’t include Kami. Either that, or their steal is so perfected, they could elect a potato. Wait, too late.

  6. I wonder if the Dems behind the curtain think Word Salad Kammie can be managed in spite of her banality and ignorance, and thereby score points with the woke crowd for “First ‘black’ woman President,” and gain some cred for their stupid votes in 2024?

    The wokesters are so blindly ideological they would happily overlook all her gaffes short of nuclear war. It would also give Woke Salad Kammie an appointment for VP, a Leftist-in-Training as the Dems’ 2024 presidential candidate.

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