8 thoughts on “Feral Behavior in Humans

  1. You would think at some point, the irony would circle the room & smack them in the back of the head, but nooo

  2. Aside from the occasional cosmically stupid comment from brain-dead Leftist commentators about Tyre Nichols’ murder being the result of White supremacy or racism or whatever, isn’t it interesting how relatively quiet blue cites have been this weekend? Must be the weather. Or something.

  3. Doug, do we need to start a GoFundMe to pay the ransom? Are they feeding you well? Are they allowing care packages? We can send some….

  4. This site no longer works properly. It doesn’t update. This is the last post visible, and it shows no comments. This has been for several weeks now. Using refresh has worked a time or two.

    1. Years ago, I had an occasional problem with the site’s videos not updating,
      so I’d restart the browser (Firefox).
      Haven’t had that that issue for a loooong time

  5. Funny – the “cache issue” is contagious, This machine, my wife’s laptop, and my desktop.

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