2 thoughts on “No More Trust; Verify

  1. When people used to tell me that some oligarchs ruled the world I always said that I didn’t know about that, but if there were then they were doing a good job, at least for me.
    As an American who worked and took responsibility for myself, my life was never as bad as say, your average African, Asian or South American, and better than most Europeans . Indeed, better than 99% of people who have ever lived.
    I have to admit they were probably correct but the new breed of oligarchs are evil, venal and stupid so I’m not so happy about their rule.
    I still don’t think it’s the Joooooos! though.
    I’m rooting for it to be aliens who need crewmen for their ships to conquer other planets.

    1. I’m not worried about aliens. Reckon they’ll all perish from a plague of hangnail or acne or crotch rot or something that they’re not immune to, like in War of the Worlds.

      As for an Earth-ruling oligarchy, I think the traditional idea was that it was a secret cabal/conspiracy which was laughed-off as ridiculous, since nobody could keep that a secret.

      However, if you admit that the conspiracy is public knowledge, then a cabal of oligarchs becomes a reasonable possibility again.

      (What? Oh, don’t listen to me. It’s past my bed time)

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