5 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror on the Web

  1. Hmmm…a bittersweet “surprise” a few years too late.
    Now let’s see how far this goes. Sacrificial goat, or real investigation?

  2. I just assume that’s what’s happening anymore.
    Whatever accusation Dems are screeching at Fascists!! is what they’re doing.

    It was a cache problem, I should have figured it out myself, sometimes I need someone else to elucidate the obvious.

    1. Yeah, when that’s their world-view, they naturally assume that’s how others see things

      JR will be glad to hear that your problem was the simpler kind
      but gladder to learn that he was right and can strut that fact in front of Sondra

  3. I hear vacuous people throw the word “ironic” around a lot. This article is the very definition of “ironic”.

  4. If you are Donald Trump, have you reached the point where your head is about to explode? It seems DJT is being proved right on an almost weekly basis. For years he’s been claiming that everyone was lying about him, falsifying stories about him, etc., etc. Then, when he’s proven right, who does he go to? Who can he tell, “See, I was right”?

    I would LOVE to see the press conference where he details chapter and verse where he’s been vindicated, just to see that satisfied Trump smile.

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