Stuff That’s Hard to Do

Initial test flight of Terran-1 (3D-printed rocket using methane as fuel)

Stage-1 flight looked nominal (pretty blue methane exhaust),
buuut Stage-2 failed (watch velocity drop and exhaust sputter after Stg-2 ignition).

Ah, well. First test flights and Stg-2s are problematic, historically.
Good news: it didn’t break up or explode on ascent, as some are wont to do.
Hey, as the post title says…

Stay tuned for an update when available.
Also, Electron and Falcon9 are both scheduled to launch on Friday morning.

¡¡ UPDATE !!
Electron launch from NZ was successful
Stg-1 recovered via parachute and water landing

¡¡ UPDATE !!
Falcon9 launch was successful

Next Falcon9 launches (2) are scheduled for Wednesday from Vandenberg and the Cape