Stuff That’s Hard to Do (19-25 May)

New Shepard (alternative view) suborbital theme-park ride, SUN
(evidently they didn’t really need all ’em parachutes)
Falcon9, NRO, VSFB, WED
(wee-hours fog, now that‘s the SLC-4 I remember, boring vid though)
Falcon9, Starlink, Cape, WED (textbook night launch)
Falcon9, Starlink, Cape. THU (another textbook night launch)
Electron, Prefire, NZ, SAT

AtlasV Starliner June 01
SpaceX Starship June 05

Cool Vids of the Day:

Ps Dump

No current events to tie these to,
but I hate to waste a doodle,
so I’ll just dump these here

Sorry for the burden of lame jokes,
but this should serve as a reminder that
I’m just entertainin’ myself, here