Stuff That’s Hard to Do

New format to save paper:
Week’s worth of interesting launches, so check back on occasion
Links to videos (in red) provided when launch is imminent or accomplished
or when I get around to posting ’em

Falcon9 Starlink
Tuesday night launch from the Cape
Stg-1 barge landing

Falcon9 Dragon
Thursday night launch from the Cape to the ISS
Stg-1 landing on LZ-1

Dragon docks with ISS  Saturday morning

Falcon9 Rideshare
Saturday late-morning launch from Vandenberg
Stg-1 landing on LZ-4
Beautiful sunny day, best VSFB launch video you’ll ever see
Pay attention to the unique view of Stg-1 right after separation
(What? A sunny day at Vandenberg? Yeah, I knowww!)

¡¡ UPDATE !!
Falcon9 O3b Comsats
Sunday afternoon launch from the Cape
Stg-1 barge landing

I won’t be offended if you don’t care about this.
Just entertaining myself, here.
I used to work on this kind’a stuff, back in the Cold War,
and still get a kick out’a it.