Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Starlink)

Sunset Launch
Oooh, preeetyyy (definitely full-screen worthy, definitely)

Interesting things to watch:
• Stage separation, as usual
• Fairing separation, first time looking aft
• Ice particles dynamics as Stg-1 rotates to tail-first
• Stg-1 shadow on thruster plumes
• Stg-1 decelerates as it rises to the top of its trajectory, then accelerates as it falls, then decelerates during entry burn, then accelerates for a few seconds (5600 to 5700 km/hr) until the atmosphere thickens enough for drag to cause deceleration (where it would overheat if not for the entry burn)
• Great vid of landing at sunset (kind’a romantic)

(What? Yes, this will be on the exam)

¡¡ UPDATE !!
Payload deployment (unique view)

Starlink launch from Vandenberg sched. Wed afternoon (UPDATED)
Crew launch resched. Wed night
It could happen

¡¡ UPDATE !!
Mission details (new Starlink satellite design, Crew/ISS)