Ps Dump

(What? Nah, just hate to waste an idea, lame or not. Think of it as been-off-line DTs)

¡¡ UPDATE !!

Just to be clear,
know their pronouns;
but don’t use ’em properly.
Gives you time to think/escape/aim
while they unscrew themselves from the ceiling

Sad Passing

Astrud Gilberto 1940-2023
and the musical culture of my youth*

* Before it was spoiled by pop music being sold to teenagers, rather than adults (see: Beatles)
Modern popular music is an insult to music
The Girl from Ipanima, its fascinating background (don’t ask me about music theory, I was a drummer).
I have two of the albums shown on vinyl (now where did I stow that turntable?).
Long live bossa nova, blues, and cool jazz

Clarity is a Virtue

What, meee? An anti-communist?

Well, let’s just say I spent more’n twenny years in the
Cold-War AF learnin’ all I could about ’em Cossackers;
so I don’t have any respect for commie words, deeds, or apologists

Sure, back in the day, “commie” was considered an illiterate term used by
rednecks and paranoids, not fit for polite, enlightened conversation.
Pretty good term, though — gets one’s point across