Old School Cool (Peter Gunn, Henry Mancini)

Y’know, sometimes a feller’s just gotta go back through a squeaky door or two and revisit the things that provided his cultural base. For me, that was the TV and music of my youth: before James Bond, and before the Beatles and hippies spoiled music.

Tell me Gunn wasn’t Bond cool, before there was Bond

Today, it’s Peter Gunn (ep 1:1).

The key, here, is the early Henry Mancini: his Peter Gunn cool lasted into The Pink Panther with only flashes surfacing as his famous commercial music evolved.

Yeah, I miss old-school cool
[opens desk drawer, strokes slide rule, closes drawer]

¡¡ UPDATE !!
Note: the design on that Peter Gunn album cover still makes me queasy.
Reminds me of the post-apocalypse horror movie Day the World Ended ’56.
Scared the bejeezus out’a me as a kid.