Stuff That’s Hard to Do (16-22 June)

Routine eng/ops for us* space-launch nerds:
• TUE 8:23 pm Falcon9, Astra FL
• TUE 11:00 pm Falcon9, Starlink CA
• THU 2:13 pm Electron, NoTimeTolouse NZ
• FRI 1:47 pm Falcon9, Starlink FL

Next week: a Falcon Heavy and a couple’a Falcon9s
Routine reminders:
* I was directly involved in over twenty launches back in the AF, so…
– Times, Eastern
– Most official live-coverage links start around T-5min
– Only US-involved serious-business missions are included,
not suborbital joyrides or foreign stuff
– Other entries are at my own whim,
since I’m mainly just entertainin’ myself, here
– Remember, space is hard