Stuff That’s Hard to Do

This week’s launch action (that I care about):
Times EST, schedules WX-driven

Falcon9 PACE Oceanographic night launch from the Cape
Stg-I landing back at the Cape

Falcon9 Starlink clear afternoon launch from Vandenberg
Best vid from a VSFB/SLC4 launch so far

Axiom mission returning from the ISS:
Add this link to your bookmarks,
if you’re interested in launches elsewhere the World

Me? More’n 20 AF/NRO launches and never encountered any launch juju.
Technostuff works better when you’re a good engineer
rather than a half-assed shaman.
(What? Well, yeah, okay; but golf’s different, innit?)


Here’s something considerably different from the drivel I usually post.
It’s purely instructive.

If you’re interested in how firearms laws and adjudication happens
(and there are a lot of important cases being dealt with these days),
this 14-min video is the best, clearest example I’ve seen of how the
constitutionality of jackass gun laws gets handled in the courts.

No, it’s not for everybody; but it’s interesting to me*, so here it is.

* I considered law school after retiring from the AF in order to get into
this very subject, but my natural laziness and judicial aversion won out.
I also enjoyed learning and teaching the laws as a concealed-carry instructor.