Author: DougM

Retired USAF LtCol ('70-'92, satellites eng/ops Air/Joint Staffs &c.) — MS, AFIT, Systems Eng / Astronautical Guidance & Control — BSE, UMich, Aerospace Engineering — Diploma, MCCC, Gunsmithing — NC Concealed-Carry Instructor — USCG Master's License, 50T Coastal — Now, just a sarcastic, lazy ol' slacker lookin' out on a NC fairway

Sad Passing

Astrud Gilberto 1940-2023
and the musical culture of my youth*

* Before it was spoiled by pop music being sold to teenagers, rather than adults (see: Beatles)
Modern popular music is an insult to music
The Girl from Ipanima, its fascinating background (don’t ask me about music theory, I was a drummer).
I have two of the albums shown on vinyl (now where did I stow that turntable?).
Long live bossa nova, blues, and cool jazz