Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Starship Booster Static Fire Test)

¡¡ UPDATE !!

Big Day for Mankind’s Ambitions
Records for most engines and for most thrust (2 of the 33 shut down)
UPDATE: engines ran at half-throttle

[uncovers eyes]
Hey! It didn’t blow up or fall over! It didn’t blow up or fall over!
[dances around in glee, trips over cane, wipes up sloshed coffee and cigar ashes]
Locker room pats on the ass for Elon Musk, Gwynne Shotwell, and their SpaceX team

Note: the flames after shutdown are normal.
I’m guessin’ fuel (methane) vents through the engines after the Ox valves close
to avoid a super-hot lean-mixture situation in the combustion chamber & throat.
(Operative word: guessin’, i.e. too lazy to look it up)
UPDATE: Just occurred to me that the fuel used to cool the engine bells has to vent after shutdown.

¡¡ UPDATE !!

Had to Go Look it Up

Yeahman, I’ll bet the Russian Balloon Corps
are quaking in their boots right about now
Story (vid of shoot-down)

¡¡ UPDATE !!I kind’a expected something different:

¡¡ UPDATE !!