UFOs are Alien Craft?

What are we talking about?
Extraterrestrial material? Already have some (meteorites, moon/asteroid samples, etc.)
Extraterrestrial crewed craft? Very highly unlikely
Extraterrestrial robotic craft? Somewhat less very highly unlikely

Hiding the fact-of may be useful to governments, of course;
but I think that this ambiguity is be even more valuable to Hollywood

Ps Dump

(What? Nah, just hate to waste an idea, lame or not. Think of it as been-off-line DTs)

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Just to be clear,
know their pronouns;
but don’t use ’em properly.
Gives you time to think/escape/aim
while they unscrew themselves from the ceiling

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Bonus: RocketLab Electron ride-share launch from NZ

Meanwhile, in Japan…

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