Author: DougM

Retired USAF LtCol ('70-'92, satellites eng/ops Air/Joint Staffs &c.) — MS, AFIT, Systems Eng / Astronautical Guidance & Control — BSE, UMich, Aerospace Engineering — Diploma, MCCC, Gunsmithing — NC Concealed-Carry Instructor — USCG Master's License, 50T Coastal — Now, just a sarcastic, lazy ol' slacker lookin' out on a NC fairway

Clarity is a Virtue

What, meee? An anti-communist?

Well, let’s just say I spent more’n twenny years in the
Cold-War AF learnin’ all I could about ’em Cossackers;
so I don’t have any respect for commie words, deeds, or apologists

Sure, back in the day, “commie” was considered an illiterate term used by
rednecks and paranoids, not fit for polite, enlightened conversation.
Pretty good term, though — gets one’s point across