Haven’t posted for couple’a days
Power and server outages back my way since Saturday evening,
so let’s get back to entertaining good ol’ Doug, eh?
Sure, you folks can play, too.

Picked up by Pookie’s Toons

¡¡ UPDATE !!
Re: The Great Moore County Terrorist Blackout of Twennytwennytwo
Looks like my neighborhood was one of the first back on-line.
Perhaps the power-recovery manager lives near my Yankee-contonement area.
(You know, kind’a like when I was growin’ up in Michigan, the county’s snow-plows supervisor
lived at the end of our dead-end road, so we got plowed-out first,
so he could get to work.)
Gotta reckon our repair guys got some useful experience over the years
while helping various hurricane recoveries.

Fellers responsible for this better hope they get caught by law enforcement first,
’cause the locals aren’t all that forgiving, and they have access to all sorts of hurty things.
Heck, even our nice, gray-haired old ladies can swing a nine-iron with painful effect.

¡¡ UPDATE !!
Forensics and predictable motive guess

¡¡ UPDATE !!
Turns out, one of the attacked substations is not all that far from my house