Stuff That’s Hard to Do (16-22 June)

Routine eng/ops for us space-launch nerds:

• TUE night Falcon9, Starlink CA (textbook, nice vid)

• THU afternoon Electron, NoTimeTolouse NZ (mission #50)
• THU evening Falcon9, Astra FL (great vid and commentary)

Next Week: Four Falcon9s and a Falcon Heavy
Routine reminders:
– Times, Eastern
– Most official live-coverage links start around T-5min
– Only US-involved serious-business missions are included, not suborbital joyrides or foreign stuff
– Other entries are at my whim, since I’m mainly just entertainin’ myself, here
– Remember, space is hard

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (19-25 May)

New Shepard (alternative view) suborbital theme-park ride, SUN
(evidently they didn’t really need all ’em parachutes)
Falcon9, NRO, VSFB, WED
(wee-hours fog, now that‘s the SLC-4 I remember, boring vid though)
Falcon9, Starlink, Cape, WED (textbook night launch)
Falcon9, Starlink, Cape. THU (another textbook night launch)
Electron, Prefire, NZ, SAT

Cool Vids of the Day: