Stuff That’s Hard do Do (Falcon9 Starlink)

¡¡ UPDATE !!

I’ll just squeeze-in this Vandenberg launch Saturday morning

Routine launch from the Cape
although it could be CGI or a replay for all I know

NOTE: nasty hurricane effects came nowhere near me in SCentral NC, just rain.
Lack of posting was due to having nothing unique to add to common reactions to current events.
Y’all don’t need my teeth-grinding in addition to all the others’.
Hard to find something clever or cute or snide or funny to say,
buuut that’ll change

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Crew Dragon + Starlink


¡¡ UPDATE !!


Starlink Saturday evening

Crew Dragon to ISS Saturday morning

Full-duration, 33-engine static fire of Super-Heavy B9 Friday morning
(multiple angles of Starship booster test)


Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Starlink Twofer)

¡¡ UPDATE !!¡¡ UPDATE !!¡¡ UPDATE !!
Rescheduled Launch #2 to next week
(delayed due to the Pacific hurricane in the landing area)

Another textbook night launch from the Cape
13th landing for this booster

If you’re wondering why I post mainly SpaceX launches:
• Landings (never had these back in my day, only capsules in parachutes caught in mid-air)
• Sheer mass (profit > glory)
• Just entertainin’ myself, here

(click through for readable size)

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (Falcon9 Starlink from Vandenberg SFB)

Aaaand another textbook launch

The next one is scheduled for Thursday night from the Cape,
with another one Sunday from Vandenberg again.

Note: this kind of foggy launch reminds me of back in the day with the fire/security team stationed less than a mile north of this launch complex. As the vehicle rises and starts to pitch south, you’re lookin’ right into the engine nozzles. On a foggy day, you can’t see it; and it sounds like it’s comin’ right atcha. Everybody moseys over near the fire truck, just in case the noise goes away abruptly or gets really loud, when diving for cover will go to the top of the things-to-do list.