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book of second revelations

It’s fun to watch an honest Liberal discover the true nature of the left wing of the political spectrum.
No, not “fun.” Oh, what’s the word? Oh, yeah … “delicious.”

Juan Williams is one of the few people whom I almost never agree with but have a lot of respect for.
Watching his outrage at NPR’s multi-faceted jackassery warms my heart. It gives me hope that relatively honest Narrative™-spouting people will have their Template™ shaken enough to begin to see that conservatives may just have a valid point about the character of their overseer class, after all. No, there won’t be any mass defections, but maybe some will begin to feel uncomfortable using the old script.

Let’s watch Juan “get it” and express his outrage with great clarity.

First, he sees the nature of the hypocrisy of NPR regarding his firing;
and he gives Obama’s house organ, HuffPo, an earful.

~ vid 1:55 ~

Then he has his say regarding NPRs self-destructive elitism.
(Watch his eyes at the beginning.)

~ vid 1:33 ~

Now, the revelation
A few minutes of stark clarity.

~ vid 6:41 ~

The Left’s response to all this is a real treat.
When your enemy is self-immolating, offer to hold their coat.

harken unto me, fellow ignorant racist peasants

Behold! Our betters in their natural habitat.
You know, the fever swamps of America-bashing slime.

~ TheDailyCaller ~

Are you sufficiently humbled, brothers and sisters?
Can we now accept the need for the boot-heel of our betters, our elitist overlords, on our necks?
Shall we bear witness, each and every one of us in our hearts, that we now see the light of the enlightened?
[holds arms aloft to suppress general mumbles and shouts of “No! No!”]
Then shall we not strive to unfetter NPR from its onerous burden?
Let us go forth and proclaim to all who would hear: We see things for what they are, and we shall put them aright!
Yea, let us render unto Caesar NPRian Disgustus that which it seeketh …
freedom, freedom I say from the shackles and temptation of the Great Satan’s filthy lucre!
Can I get an ayyy-men, brothers and sisters!
[mops brow, adjusts suspenders, sips water, scans and nods gratefully to congregation, waits for quiet to return,
but in a non-radical-evangelical kind’a way]

UPDATE! More jackass goodness.

in more ways than one

Regular folks clean up after the leftist brats’ tantrum.
Your mama doesn’t work here, jackasses, clean up your friggin’ mess!

~ direct vid link ~

I think the next couple’a years are gonna look just like this.

We need to start a pool on how many “ewwww”s are heard during that effort.

Just occured to me:
Any chance the garbagemen’s union will get a court injunction to prevent this non-union cleanup?