Sounds like an 8-yo bragging about something they just learned.
I gotta reckon she was recently given a long briefing about this,
complete with Venn diagram

Stuff That’s Hard to Do (misc SpaceX)

Initial orbital test flight expected within a couple of months
Definitely watch it a couple’a times, full-screen.
This stacking is probably temporary,
since the lifting brackets seem to still be there
(i.e. without heat shielding)

First Falcon9 launch this evening (OneWeb) is from the Cape
Nice night-launch video

Best vid of a satellite deploying is at T+1h20m30s

Second scheduled Falcon9 launch (Vandenberg) delayed for WX until Tues Wed night
I’ll post it here


Where did SondraKistan go?

Please pass this along to everyone you think might be interested.

¡¡ UPDATE !!
It’s a long story and still evolving.
Perhaps Sondra and/or JR will write about it someday.
Me? I’ll just continuing to entertain myself here by pretending somebody actually sees it.
In any case, some digital anthropologist might dig it up after we’re gone.